What Are Different Types Of Graphic Design? What Are Different Types Of Graphic Design?

What Are Different Types Of Graphic Design?

How do you picture graphic design whenever you hear this word? Graphic design is used in various contexts, from print materials like brochures and flyers to digital ones like marketing campaigns and websites. And with today's technology, anyone with access to the internet may learn how to become a graphic designer. Numerous apps and websites are available for your smartphone that can assist you in turning an idea into a completely refined design.

However, there are so many kinds of graphic design to choose from that it's easy to lose sight of its primary function: communicating and solving issues. Without graphic design, the information we're bombarded with daily wouldn't be as interesting, helpful, or memorable.

We're living in a time where everything is about brands. Branding is critical for any business in the twenty-first century, no matter how large or small it is. The organization must have a distinct brand identity to do this. Graphic designers specializing in visual identity can help with this part. They design all of the brand's identifying components, such as logos, color palettes, icons, typography, textures, etc. Know the importance and benefits of graphic design for your business. 

Find the Types of Graphic Designs below:

Branding DesignThe visualizations and graphic principles that contribute to creating a brand's identity are these types of graphic designs. With the help of this, a company may discover and express its visual identity to its target market. The best graphics design company assists companies in discovering their identities and communicating their stories and messages to the public.

Corporate design guidelines (colors, font, texture, shapes, etc.) are part of the branding and will be used by many divisions of the organization for communications. It also relates to the brand's visual features, such as logos and image collections. Establishing visual identity standards and maintaining consistency across company communications will be part of your responsibilities as a graphic designer. Creating assets that represent the brand image to its intended audience will be possible for you.

Marketing or Advertising Design

In terms of design, we'd say that the most popular type is advertising. Even if we only glance at a marketing vision for a few seconds, it's usually the work of a team of industry professionals and creative directors, including graphic designers.

In the past, advertising design work was mostly concerned with print ads, such as those found in newspapers, billboards, flyers, and brochures. Graphic design companies in Delhi are now coming up with new ways to grab a person's attention while they're on the internet, and this extends to email marketing, online marketing, search engine marketing, and even hybrid marketing campaigns like QR code stickers that take you to a company's website when scanned.

Today, digital commercials are more commonly used to enhance a brand than print advertisements. Social media advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and content marketing are just a few examples of how digital advertising works.

Regardless of the approach, the ad design is just as important as the concept, messaging, and final product being marketed. As a result, it's critical to have an eye-catching ad design tailored to a certain target demographic.

Packaging Design

Product packaging design is a simple and efficient approach to selling your company. Even if you don't offer anything that requires packaging, the way you package the products you sell can hugely impact how well your customers receive them. This kind of design also incorporates elements of marketing and advertising. An effective digital marketing strategy relies on the cooperation of the two parties.

Package design is a favorite subject of many graphic designers. Involvement in the branding process and the team is a prerequisite for becoming a product designer.

Usability Design

Technically not graphic design. It represents a more recent development worth noticing. Designing something for a user is at the heart of usability and is more critical than ever. As a result of the wide range of devices we now use (such as smartphones and tablets), graphic design must be adaptable across several platforms.

Graphic design is now used on a wider range of platforms than traditional print media. Consider, for instance, a smart thermostat. While you may not think of graphic design when using your Nest, it relies on it to convey information through graphics on the interface. The graphic designer behind them, on the other hand, kept usability in mind when creating them.

Motion Designs

Because of the digitalization of daily life, companies have begun using animation to showcase their products and services. Motion designers, of course, are responsible for creating these. Games, applications, and other digital media all make use of animations. Knowledge of lightning and shadows. Unless you understand how lightning & shadows operate, getting into the 3D design is out of reach for the average person. As a result, if the shadows on your 3D models are off, the human brain will have trouble processing them correctly.

Environmental Graphic Design

Suppose you want to enhance the user experience with the help of visual translation of ideas in the physical environment. In that case, it is called Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) which incorporates elements of architecture, landscape, interior/exterior design, and graphic design. The visual characteristics of environments are what you'll be designing as an EGD designer. Put another way; your job will be to link messages, feelings, and goals to specific locations to provide visitors with a memorable experience.

Many environmental graphic designers work on branding spaces, emphasizing a company's logo and messages; however, the job differs according to the projects. Environmental graphic design is a great career choice if you appreciate learning about new fields and redesigning existing locations.

User Interfaces/Web Design

Website designing is today's most popular form of graphic design by far. Graphic design elements can be seen on every page of any website you visit. Many on-page features are included in the website itself, in addition to things like animation, illustrations, and the company logo.

Web design is the foundation of many popular applications and social media platforms we use daily. Even though they don't look or feel like standard websites, the way they're laid out purely depends on graphic design. Fortunately, web design is now easier than it has ever been to accomplish. Anyone can construct a website and design a logo in just a few clicks, even if they have no prior experience with graphic design tools.

Publication Design

Graphic design for publications is a well-established and well-known form of graphic design in and of itself. Certain skills are required to work as a publisher graphic designer, including the capacity to make your readers decide on a book based on its cover. Other designers want to be professionals in digital printing and publishing and have a thorough understanding of colors.

graphic designing company in delhi

Now you know graphic design is a diverse area where you can always pick up new skills and expand your knowledge base. One of these eight graphic designs might serve as a springboard for learning others.


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